Lyricsandchordz is based of two Minneapolis producers who go by the names twiss smith and Evamo. individually they have produced separately but have connected to make an impact together. They have a unique sound like no other that can still make great sound.They can produce any genre and style and can cater to any artist style. They also have two promoters @angelrosa91, and” Mrs. Smith” twiss smith’s wife. Together they offer multiple music services such as leases, exclusives, exclusive tracks,mixing, promo etc etc. we have worked with many artist but we want the word of our company spread more more. we not only do solo tracks but, mixtape, ep’s, albums. we have multiple social media. soundcloud@twiss smith, soundcloud@evamo,soundcloud@lyricsandchordz, instagram@lyricsandchordz, facebook@twiss smith productions and our professional website at

Lyricsandchordz offer great deals and take offers if reasonable. we offer networking oppertunites with other artist.we are willing to work within artist as long as they are serious and professional. we have worked with artist in the usa and also international artist. Lyricsandchordz take their craft seriously. Custom beats will take no longer than 4 days. If you they purchase a track let them know there are promo opportunities and deals that come with. Don’t be afraid to talk to any of the team members on any social media, this team will not bite and actually love to hear from anybody even to just talk about music in general.  If you like our music spread the word in any and every way.

Lyricsandchordz Interview – Big Buji