Dale Jones popularly known as “Skeli Wizzle” is a classic artist with outstanding talents; he was born on October 31st, 1988. It didn’t take long before he discovered his unique passion towards music and over the years, his dedication and love for his craft are as consistent as his dedication and love that he displays in fatherhood. Skeli Wizzle was raised by his grandmother and he has been into some trouble with the law, but what’s different is his resilience and ability to separate what has been to what is ahead, of him.

More so, Skeli Wizzle unique talent makes it easier for him to handle different music gene as his innovative style, raw energy and his distinctive rhythm coupled with his own distinguished tunes in the industry helps in captivating his audience. He has always been reserved, taking in all things around him and processing them and from that his music came, with more than decade’s years of experience in the entertainment industry; it has always been a way for him to communicate his thoughts and feelings.

In addition, if you listen you can learn a lot about him. Where he came from, things he went through and how life has shaped him can all be found in his lyrics, On songs like “The Beginning” fans are met with cunning metaphors that compare being born into his life being similar to the commitment of marriage, and that is just a small sample of the depth of his word play. When you hear tracks like “Landlord” where he is totally honest about making bad decisions, it allows for listeners to see that were you’ve been doesn’t determine where you are going.

Furthermore, he prides himself on being honest. This motivates him and he won’t discuss anything he hasn’t seen firsthand. When you listen to his music you can be assured that he is delivering an authentic experience, which is not about glorifying street life, but it’s about the realities of it. He attributed his success to his hard work that pays off, with his passion and determination to reach the peak being the secret to his success and he keeps pushing towards achieving the very best.

Skeli Wizzle Interview with Big Buji